Meet Sean!

Sean Chang joins the ATC Racing Team via fellow Texas A&M collegiate teammate Robert. As an electrical engineer, he loves to analyze data and find ways to better himself and others around him. In his own words: Growing up as a swimmer who considered the 50-yard breaststroke sprint to be my race of choice and… Continue reading Meet Sean!

Meet Kyle!

Kyle Klinger is the original fearless leader of the ATC Racing Tri team. He comes to the team with a volleyball background. In his own words: I grew up in Hollywood, FL. I have a younger brother (2 years younger). My mom, step-father, and grandfather all moved to Texas about 10 years ago. They live… Continue reading Meet Kyle!

Meet Marla

Marla Briley came to the ATC Tri team via the Women’s Cycling team. She did her first triathlon, CapTexTri, in 2004. She has done six Ironmans along with most, if not all, local  Austin triathlons. She is also a dog extraordinaire and has a nonprofit (Central Texas Ruffugees) that transports dogs from Central Texas to… Continue reading Meet Marla