Meet Missy!

Missy Ruthven is co-owner of our sponsor shop. 2018 will mark her 29th year racing triathlons and she and Don have owned Austin Tri Cyclist since late 2001. She is very excited with the advent of the ATC Tri Team.  Having a team helps motivate her and gives her a sense of community/comraderie for the sport again. In her own words:

My introduction to triathlon as a sport was the infamous Julie Moss crawl to the finish line at Hawaii Ironman in the mid-80’s that I happened to catch on a replay on TV (infamous to us old folks).  At the time I was a runner in high school, loved riding my bike around the neighborhood, and as luck would have it, my high school track/cross country coach used swimming and “running” in the water as a second workout a couple days a week.  

I was not a swimmer though. I knew I would first have to learn how to swim. Fast forward to June 1990 and I am competing in my first triathlon (a “sprint” in New Braunfels). I almost didn’t finish the swim leg as I still hadn’t “learned” how to swim (seriously dog paddled and side stroked my way through). Once I finished though, I was hooked!

So, yes, last year (2017) was my 28th year of competing in triathlons!! (And swimming finally “clicked” for me around 2010.) Many of these years I only completed one triathlon due to life/work/family balance, injury, or pregnancy (yes, I did a sprint while pregnant but rode a cruiser bike and walk/jogged the “run”).  I have only done one Ironman Distance triathlon, Hawaii in 1998. My favorite distance is the half Ironman. I have been to the World Duathlon Championships a few times (won my AG once in 1991, 3rd in my AG in 1995). I have been to Triathlon World Championships once (1996); still couldn’t swim well but I rocked the bike/run!! 

I grew up in Houston and went to UT – San Antonio plus UTHSCSA (UT Health Science Center) to obtain my RN license.  Moved to Austin for Graduate School at UT (Exercise Physiology) in 1992. Don and I have owned Austin Tri-Cyclist since November 2001.

  • Favorite race? Any race that has a challenging bike course.
  • Preferred sport?  Bike (though I really enjoy the swim now).
  • Favorite piece of equipment?  My bike (Cervelo P5 and Zipp wheels).
  • Favorite way to recover? After refueling (“clean” food) and rehydrating, I like a glass of red wine.



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