Meet Kyle!

Kyle Klinger is the original fearless leader of the ATC Racing Tri team. He comes to the team with a volleyball background. In his own words:

I grew up in Hollywood, FL. I have a younger brother (2 years younger). My mom, step-father, and grandfather all moved to Texas about 10 years ago. They live outside of Austin, in Paige, and I moved here from Seoul to be closer to them.

Most people know that I was a volleyball player and that I was in the Air Force, but there is still plenty that I’m proud to share. One is what I consider my greatest accomplishment in life and it has nothing to do with either of the above. Graduating from the Korean Language Program at Yonsei Uni hands down gave me the biggest sense of accomplishment I’ve ever felt. Learning to speak Korean changed me. I grew as a person and I learned a new set of values and the importance of friends and family. After 6 years abroad I started to feel the urge to come home, reconnect with a family, and hopefully start one of my own. That’s what brought me to Austin.

Volleyball defined my life for so many years, and as much as I love triathlon, I’m trying really hard not to just let the sport define my life moving forward. I want to be much more than that tall triathlete guy. I want to start a family, have a dog, buy a house, and live happy and healthy. Kicking off this team is something that I’m very proud of and I hope it is in the equation there somewhere too.

Favorite race? Definitely the Grand Rapids Triathlon in Michigan. It’s locally run and has a totally different vibe than a WTC branded race. Everyone is so friendly, the course is beautiful, and the volunteers do it every year so they are pro. I’ve made some good friends there the past 2 years and plan to keep going back.

Favorite distance? Olympic distance! It’s just the right amount of intensity and hurt.

Preferred sport? Swim! Nothing feels better than having a good swim. It’s what attracted me to the sport.

Favorite piece of tri gear? Definitely my Garmin. I love data!

Favorite way to recover after a hard workout? Chipotle and a nap.

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