Meet Sean!

Sean Chang joins the ATC Racing Team via fellow Texas A&M collegiate teammate Robert. As an electrical engineer, he loves to analyze data and find ways to better himself and others around him. In his own words:

Growing up as a swimmer who considered the 50-yard breaststroke sprint to be my race of choice and the 200-yard breaststroke as long distance, I never thought I’d eventually turn to endurance sports. I remember once running a 400-meter race in 6th grade. I made it a good 150 meters before I imploded to a jog and then had trouble walking for a week after that. Clearly, long distance wasn’t for me.

However, for whatever reason, I let my high school friends convince me to try out for the triathlon team at Texas A&M in 2011 as a junior after spending my first two years playing water polo for A&M. At my first practice, we ran four miles. It was the longest I had ever run, but somehow, I managed to enjoy the company and kept on with it. I still remember signing up for my first triathlon later that semester without owning a real bike (I didn’t consider my $90 Walmart commuter to be much). I eventually bought a time trial bike with clip-on pedals and got the hang of it pretty quickly.

After the first year, I liked triathlon and the A&M team so much that I thought I’d help Robert run the team as the treasurer and later on as the president. This was a big change for my extracurricular activities. As an engineer, I had mostly stuck with the engineering related organizations until that point. As a sprinter growing up, I found a strange joy in trying to better myself in a place that I wasn’t naturally good. Since 2011, I’ve competed in over 60 races and counting.

When I’m not working out, I like to geek out on news of the latest triathlon gear and training data. Part of the reason I pursued my USAT Coaching certification was my thirst for more perspective and knowledge.

As I always like to say, triathlon isn’t a sport. It’s a lifestyle.

Favorite race? Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon

Favorite distance? Didn’t you read the first sentence?! Fifty yards is my favorite distance, but a sprint triathlon is definitely a close second now!

Preferred sport? Biking

Favorite piece of tri gear? My helmet. It’s definitely saved my life once or twice.

Favorite way to recover after a hard workout? Protein smoothie and foam rolling

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