Men’s Cycling Team


arod-profileAlex Rodriguez 

Alex, AKA Slow Poke Rodriguez, exceeding the odds and defying expectations on road and dirt since 1932.

Noah Bartsch

Noah moved to Austin 10 years ago, bought a road bike and a mountain bike, and began training for triathlon while exploring the many trails that the Austin area has to offer. After a few seasons of Ironman distance racing, Noah transitioned to off-road triathlon, then slowly gave up on swimming in favor of the ATC shop ride and hammering the Greenbelt. With ATC Racing, Noah’s main goals will be his first cyclocross season, competing with the team at local mtb events, and completing the road and Driveway seasons in 2016. FUN FACT: Noah’s first Driveway race, in 2014, saw him get taken out in a crash, requiring stiches to his face…but he came back the very next week to a 6th place finish. When not riding bikes, Noah also enjoys running the occasional marathon, and backcountry skiing in Europe, Chile, the US and Canada.

Kelly Kirby

AKA the Mayor, This must be read in the voice of Frankenstein: errrrgggghhh – Father, husband – errrrrrgggghhh – computers – errrrrggggghhhh – cyclocross good, fire bad!! – errrrrgggghhhh.
Sometimes known to ask why?……. A lot.
Also known to ask “where’s the hill” after a single lap at Lago.
Among the many questions to be asked on a single 3 hour drive.

Jonathan Pattie

AKA PattieCake, Cocksycsadjustmentus.

Chad Geisler

AKA Just Chad, Team counselor and glue. Calorie deprived.

Andy Newton

AKA Skinny Andy, Tenor and adopted son to the old guys on the team.

Marc Ostryniec

AKA MarcO. The best damn looking guy on a bike. Part time under wear model for Sears and JC Pennys catalogues.

stefan_hardie_atcStefan Hardie

AKA Heir Stefan

Master Technologist, Not High Tech but Hyper Tech, High Speed Network Security, Infosec, software, hardware and all that other stuff

terry-king-profileTerry King

Husband, Father, Architect and at home on the dirt and the road. Nicest guy on the team.

Shannon Graham

Says the least, takes off the whole month of October. Never asks questions.

Antonio Latto

AKA ______________, Races occasionally. Industrial Designer at Dell. Loves climbing. 5 daugthers, 2 dogs and a cat that won’t die.

Jason Lewis

“Lets ride all the climbs in Austin.”

Jeffery Shelton

Mr. I can run faster than you.

cycle13358Dean Haraguchi

Mr. Track Man